Dance Choreography Introduction

Dance Choreography is just like Dance composite where we learning and performing diffrent type of Dance.In other words Dance Choreography is one who crate dance.

Following these are includes in Dance Choreography.

  • Dance notation
  • Organic unity
  • Concert dance
  • Rhythmic or non-rhythmic articulation

These are general ideas of Dance Choreography. Now see the other side of Dance Choreography, it incluses human movement like shape, time, energy etc. To these movement we called Dance for example, Folk Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Jazz Dance, Balled Dance, Contemporay Dance, Techno Dance and Religious Dance, there are many more dance available.

These all are a part of Choreography Dance.

  1. Ballet Dance
  2. Jazz Dancing
  3. Tap Dance
  4. Hip-Hop Dance
  5. Modern Dance
  6. Swing Dancing
  7. Contra Dance
  8. Country and Western
  9. Belly Dancing
  10. Flamenco
  11. Latin Dance
  12. Folk Dance
  13. Salsa
  14. Ballroom Dance


We as a Dance Tripper share few techniques of Dance Choreography.The word Danc is describe and implement in these two categries:

  • Improvisation
  • lPlanned Choreography

Now  come to next few more techniques and tricks which  offten use in Choreography which mybe two or more then two.

  1. Mirroring: two persom doing same dance face to face
  2. Retrograde: doing a similar moves in same order
  3. Canon: Perfor same step one after the other
  4. Levels: diffrent level of dance like higher or lower level
  5. Shadowing: in this category peoples doing same moves as one next to them
  6. Unison: in this category tow or more people doing same moves at same time period


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