How Many Type and Style of Dance

We as a Dance Tripper sharing all information related to Dance and Music.Dance Academy is also one category of Dance Tripper.Dance Academy is a place where we learn how to Dance.Dances started appearing first in Italy then quickly overcome to the Europe (USA) United States and then swept over the world wide.There is many diffrent type of dance.These 12 are best Popular Types of Dance we know:

1: Ballet Dance

Ballet Dance is one of the most famous dance move and first introduce in 1899

2: Jazz Dancing

The famous jazz dance firstly start from African in eighteenth century.

3: Tap Dance

Tap Dance is one of the best dance which start from 1900

4: Hip-Hop Dance

This famous dance start from 1960s

5: Modern Dance

Modern Dance is also a famous dance and it start from 19 century

6: Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing start early in 1920s

7: Contra Dance

Contra Dance start from 1700s

8: Country and Western

Country and Western Dance first start from 1920s, Southern United States

9: Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing start from Arab Family’s early in 11th Century BC to 5th Century BC

10: Flamenco

This famous Flamenco Dance start early in 1700s centuries, when Spain was under Arab domination

11: Latin Dance

Latin Dance come from Spain and Cuba and then spread to the rest of Latin America in 20th century

12: Folk Dance

Folk Dance start from 1970s and then popular in 2000

13: Salsa

Salsa Dance is most of the famous Dance which start early in 1960s

14: Ballroom Dance

Ballroom Dance began as an 18th century Austrian folk dance


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